Agreed Rules of Recitation by Supriyo Sengupta@Karigori Kobiyal


When it comes to recitation, here are some general rules to keep in mind:


  1. Pronunciation: Make sure that each of your pronounciations is clear and accurate.
  1. Pace: Maintain a steady pace that allows listeners to understand and follow without feeling rushed or bored.
  1. Intonation: Use appropriate intonation to convey the meaning and emotion of the text.
  1. Articulation: Articulate each syllable and word distinctly. Avoid mumbling or slurring.
  1. Pauses: Use pauses effectively to emphasize key points, allow listeners to digest information, and create a natural rhythm.
  2. Expression: Infuse your recitation with appropriate expression and emotion to engage your audience to your recitation and bring the text to life.
  1. Eye contact: If reciting to an audience, maintain eye contact to connect with your listeners and enhance the engagement.
  2. Practice: Practice regularly to improve your delivery and confidence, and consider recording yourself to clarify yourself and for your improvement.
  3. Remember, the goal of recitation is to effectively communicate the content and meaning of the text to your audience.